Explore 2019 #226: October photo challenge

I have decided to participate in my friend LaShawn Wiltz’s October photo challenge .

The 1/31 prompt is Hello October (intros). Here are 12 things about me since my birthday is October 12! 1️⃣ In my previous life I was a music and brain neuroscientist 2️⃣ I now wear a lot of hats...writer (blogger/author), podcaster, creative director, designer. Some days are a dumpster fire but ultimately I'm unbelievably grateful to have built a creative, lucrative career on my terms. 3️⃣ I'm married to a wonderful, smart, sexy therapist...Jon is my favorite person in the whole world and I am grateful to have found him given that I have not had the greatest experiences with men either as role models or in relationships. 4️⃣ My beloved Laurel and Violet are pretty far apart in age at 15 and 8. I experienced what I thought was secondary infertility and got pregnant about a month after letting go of the idea of getting pregnant and giving all of my baby things away! 5️⃣ Having a natural VBAC after 58 hours of labor is one of my proudest life accomplishments. 6️⃣ I am the 6th of 7 siblings but everyone assumes I'm a first-born. 7️⃣ I love making fun, fancy cakes for loved ones (purely recreational...I don't need any other side hustles!) 8️⃣ Tennis is my favorite form of physical activity. 9️⃣ I believe every human being needs to get their ass out and vote. 🔟 I am an enneagram #1. 1️⃣1️⃣ As someone who used to be super insecure about friendships, I feel so grateful and blessed to have the best friend squad. 1️⃣2️⃣ In service of my inflammatory issues, I have not consumed dessert, alcohol, gluten, or junk food snacks of any kind since August 27 and not only have I survived, it has weirdly not been difficult!