Explore 2019: Commuting with Laurel

When you've got babies/toddlers, the milestones are fast and furious. In a way it's a little unfair because you're so damned sleep deprived that it's hard to appreciate them! So I definitely felt a little misty this morning, experiencing a first with Laurel.

Last week I talked about how crucial it is to teach kids about public transit and shared tips on how to get over the intimidation and get riding. Laurel has gotten super savvy on the T and can ride solo, but this morning, she was heading to a meeting via bus and I was headed to the train so for the first time ever we walked out the door to commute together. It was pure delight to chat and walk to her bus stop and then I waited with her at her stop before heading on to the train and man, ALL THE FEELINGS. It's crazy and awesome and emotional to watch your kids step out into the world and do their thing. I never thought I'd be psyched to commute, but commuting with Laurel is pretty rad.