Explore 2019 #221: Color therapy

Woke up this morning with hurt feelings, a heavy heart for one of my babies, and a general feeling of overwhelm staring at my inbox and thinking about my to-do list. Did all the things that seemed reasonable to reverse things (yoga, tons of water, plowing through emails and to-do's) to mild effect. And then I cracked into a box in my office and discovered -- on this dreary gloomy day -- that this yellow rain jacket I ordered made me happier. Color therapy is real, you guys.


Explore 2019 #215: Ideal look

What is your favorite way to present yourself? I've been thinking about this because yesterday when Violet came downstairs in the morning and I was giving her her morning cuddles (man, she is like a delicious warm loaf of bread in the morning!) she wrapped her arms around my neck, sighed lovingly, and said, "Oh Mommy, this is how I love you best. Just out of bed and in your cute jammies with your glasses on!" And immediately in my head I was like, "What? There are basically a very small number of humans who will ever see me in my just out of bed state!"

And the thing is, as much as I love a glam outing, I think this is the favorite way to present myself...I guess I'd categorize this as casual but put together. It took 30 seconds to get dressed, 2 minutes to do my makeup, and maybe 7-10 minutes to do my hair. But most of all, I feel like I look relaxed and happy, which is how I'm feeling right this second and I'm super grateful for that.


Explore 2019 #209: Dress experimentation

What do you think of this dress? Very different color and style for me and the feedback this morning ranged from "Interesting...it looks like St. Patrick's something or other!" to "Oooh, Mommy, you look so pretty!" Anyway, I'm at a point in life where I figure, why not experiment? You won't always hit the mark but in this case I'm comfortable and there are pockets!


Explore 2019: Tennis Fashion

I will explain why I'm testing tennis gear soon, but what do you think of these looks? My friends at New Balance kindly sent these looks! The rally court tank + tournament court skort (LEFT) are super cute and comfy but right now I'm leaning towards the tournament dress (RIGHT)....uh, except for the fact that I HAVE NO PANTS ON. I asked Laurel to shoot these photos for me and was too lazy to run up and get a pair of shorts.

One reason I'm leaning towards the dress is because the trim is gold and feels so badass/Wonder Woman to me! What do you think? I'm kind of thinking (hoping) cute gear will improve my game!


Explore 2019: Fitness Project + New Editorial Feature

I've got a million things on the to-do list + lots of running around (started with Violet's well visit this morning) so I'm thinking I will basically spend the entire day in this New Balance gear (which was kindly gifted to me in advance of Mother's Day...thank you New Balance!). It's performance gear (I will be doing some much needed yoga in it later today) + also has a luxe vibe, which I am super into. And it's also awesome/related because right now I am percolating on a fitness project...assuming all goes well I will share more next month!

Also, if you want to learn more about what I'm wearing you can head to bostonmamas.com/blog/spring-favorites -- I'm also exploring some new editorial ideas and just launched something new on the blog too...a quarterly feature on my favorite things!


Explore 2019: Eyebrow Love + Magnetic Lashes That Work

First, thank you for your love and support on my post yesterday. Tough but important stuff and I'm so grateful for this digital village.

Second, I know this is a massive 180 but hey, I'm a multidimensional human being! Do you notice anything different about these two photos? They are in fact two photos taken maybe 1 minute apart but OMG don't I look more awake and, say, finished, in the righthand photo?

When I was at Mom 2.0 I went to a beauty/photography session by Kendra Stanton + Meg O. and it was awesome. They did a quick makeover on an attendee and I was shocked by Meg's statement that eyebrow definition is a must-do step. I was like, WHAT? But I saw the difference on the makeover girl and went out and bought an eyebrow pencil + brush. I literally followed the instructions on the back and in 5 seconds, boom, look at the difference!

The other thing that happened during the session was that OMG I won a set of MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes!! My lashes are short and sparse and over the years I have tried EVERYTHING...spent tons of money on lash serum and different brands for adhesives and the two-layer magnetic lashes. I couldn't figure any of them out!

Well I just tried these and O.M.G. You apply magnetic eyeliner and then the lashes adhere to the eyeliner. It took maybe 10 seconds. I couldn't believe it. In this photo you can't see the lash fringe super well since I'm just wearing the Classy set (the Flashy and Sassy were really long -- I will try trimming one of them down so it's somewhere between Classy and Flashy) but WOW, you can see how much more awake my eyes look overall with the lashes/liner! This link will get you $10 off.

Thanks Meg and Kendra for teaching me some new tricks! Next I need to figure out eyeshadow!


Explore 2019: The Color Green

OK, I talked earlier this week about stretching out of your fashion comfort zone. For some reason I have avoided the color green. I have always assumed it will look terrible on me but I decided to give it a try and wow, this Boden dress is simply amazing! Pretty, ladylike, colorful, and with a great dose of character via the sleeves and print. Also, OMG look at these Boden Rosalie heels. This chalky pink is such a great neutral! Links to all of my crazy Mom 2.0 outfits in my bio! I love this shot with Jessica Ashley in the Best Buy suite!