Today I must confess two things. The first is that I’ve become fascinated by Hugh Hefner. The second is that I officially have tired of Jennifer Aniston’s overexposure. These two observations recently intersected thanks to a post by US Magazine (about Hef being impressed by Aniston’s nearly naked GQ cover; image below credited to US Magazine).

My fascination with Hef is of the "can't look away from the train wreck" variety. As a former researcher of elderly cognitive function, I feel somewhat moved to applaud this octogenarian’s spryness (if that's the right thing to call it). But when I think of Hef shacked up with his new twin teen girlfriends, I feel very, very ill. Can this really be happening in modern society?

As for Aniston, I’ve generally found her innocuous, if not something of a one trick acting pony. But I was surprised to find myself pretty tweaked by her GQ cover + comment that she wasn’t trying to make a statement with that cover + other interviews stirring the Brad and Angie pot. Huh? Is this additional GQ photo also a non-statement? Please, Jen, just tell it like it is. I'd respect you more for it.

Hef’s behavior may seem disturbing to me from a societal appropriateness perspective, but at least with him it seems like what you see is what you get (for better or worse).