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Got Multiples?

Over the past year, I have - informally and happily - accommodated simple requests to create paper goods for parents of multiples. For the most part, this is a pretty straightforward task using artwork from my collection. For example, in one case I created grasshopper notecards for a mom of twins (using a mirror image of the grasshoppers with the twins' names in the center). On another occasion, I created calling cards using my dragonflies design but adding a fourth dragonfly to accommodate a mom with four children - an older daughter plus triplets. (In the example shown, I have replaced the actual information with fictional details to protect privacy...)

The moms I have worked with have been so thrilled to finally have pretty cards available in what apparently is a bit of a limited market when it comes to stationery for multiples. I am happy to try to accommodate this request; the ability to do so will depend a bit on the selected imagery (i.e., how well the repeated images can fit the layout), but please email me and I am happy to discuss!