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How Can This End?

Amazingly, I don't think I've blogged about Dancing With the Stars since before the season aired, despite being hugely excited about it pre-season, and watching it regularly after some of the early dancers were cast off. And of course it's fun that my 3 top picks for the season - Gilles Marini, Shawn Johnson, and Melissa Rycroft - all are in the final. It's hard to believe this is ending tonight, they've been so fun to watch. I'm watching now and recording some thoughts along the way...

Shawn Johnson: I thought Carrie Ann said it well when she commented that they've been underestimating Shawn all season. At various points this season I thought she got marked less than what she deserved and I always had a sinking feeling it's because she isn't long and lean like the other women. But she has delivered and it's been so fun to watch. Her freestyle also was INSANE yesterday. I actually got teary for her this evening. 10's across the board.

Melissa Rycroft: Oh my word this woman has just an unbelievable body for dance. She really makes everything look beautiful. (Bruno just said the same thing as I typed that.) She did great - wow, this is going to be tight. 10's across the board.

Gilles Marini: This guy has been so great (and ridiculously smoldering) this season. And I love that Cheryl is a "real" looking woman - athletic yet curvy and sexy and fabulous. I think they may win it. The judges are gobbling him up. 10's across the board.

So impressed with these guys; they really seem tight. Gilles and Shawn looked sad to say goodbye to Melissa (3rd place finisher).

AMAZING. Congrats Shawn and Mark! The popular vote gave them the (teeny tiny) edge. And amazing for Gilles and Cheryl too for their 2nd place finish.

Now, when does Project Runway start again??