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Explore 2019: Tea

I don't always have the time to do this but one of my favorite things is when I opt to take the time in the morning to drop Violet off at school with Jon and then Jon and I head out for a walk together. When you're in the thick of parenting and working and life, it's easy for relationships to get super transactional and logistical. I love when my morning involves a distraction-free conversation with Jon!

We often hit a local cafe and I'm such a creature of habit; I typically get the same thing...a cortado if I'm in the mood for coffee or the salami and egg plate if I am hungry. I was neither hungry nor wanting coffee yet I found I actually needed to be intentional to not order out of habit! And I decided to order tea and explore (my #2019 word) something new. The spicy turmeric tonic (I believe from MEM Tea) sounded so comically medicinal and hipster that it almost sounded a little gross but I decided to try it since I had literally just moments before been telling Jon that my eyes were feeling super puffy and irritated (turmeric tea is supposed to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties). Honestly, I was ready for it to be totally gross!

The tea was pretty good on its own but when I added a teeny tiny bit of simple syrup, it turned delicious! And the gorgeous color of the tea bag got my mind turning about using turmeric as a natural dye in the future (for what I'm not sure!). Best of all, now I have a new creature of habit option at this cafe!