Dunkin’ Monuts

Yesterday’s Boston Globe included a front-page feature on Dunkin’ Donuts’ second attempt to expand into China. According to the article, Dunkin’ has been hard at work, scouring real estate, slaving in the test kitchen, etc., and I can’t help but giggle at the results: mochi rings. Or, what I’ve been calling Dunkin’ Monuts (this makes Jon cringe…) or Dunkin’ Mochinuts. Made of glutinous rice and fried in oil (we Asians love our glutinous deep fried rice...), these treats basically look like eight munchkins fused together with oil and glaze. I wish the Globe had included the article’s photo on their website. If I get around to snapping a photo of the photo, I’ll post it here, but suffice to say, these Monuts – in their geometric and colorful cuteness – look an awful lot like toddler toys.