Explore 2019 #202: First Red Sox family game

I'm almost a little embarrassed to admit this, but today is the first time we're at Fenway Park as a family! The Red Sox have always been my team...for example, I have no idea how they connected, but my Dad was friends with Sherm Feller! My brother George worked in the Green Monster! I nursed Laurel through the entire 2004 World Series!

But the thing is, my kids just haven't been into baseball so it was nonsensical to head to a home game with them, But last year, a switch flipped. While Jon and I were watching games, all of a sudden Laurel and Violet were sitting down to watch. And asking about the rules. And establishing favorite players (my 8yo looooooves Mookie Betts). It was so awesome!

And so HERE WE ARE and we're super excited! And given that I've been keen on local adventures this summer, it really can't get more quintessential than heading to a Red Sox game! I'll be sharing more in stories too! Big thanks to my friends at the Red Sox for facilitating this visit!


Explore 2019: Harry Potter at Petali

Can you believe this is a flower shop?? My sister Jenn told me a while back that Petali Flowers in Harvard Square had an incredible Harry Potter display and she wasn't kidding. It's not a display exactly...a bit less than half of the space is completely Harry Potter and is incredibly styled. The visit was a complete whim. We had just dropped my brother-in-law at the airport and Violet was feeling blue and wanted to find him a Harry Potter gift so I decided to take her in and WOW. And it was kind of perfect because I hadn't planned a hyperlocal adventure yet for this holiday week and the visit to Petali felt so magical to Vi that it totally fit the bill!