Explore 2019: Food love at The Wing

OMG you guys I don't even mind that I'm working while most people are on vacation today because: 1) I have been in mega mom mode with no summer camp coverage the first 3 weeks of summer, 2) related to #1, Jon cleared his calendar today so I could get an uninterrupted day at The Wing. (#relationshipgoals), 3) I am trying out The Wing cafe for the first time today and OMG I feel like they get me and all of my food sensitivities! This incredible bowl is basically exactly the kind of thing I love to eat AND IT HAS KIMCHI.

work cafe.jpg

Explore 2019: Kids at The Wing

Laurel and Violet (my winglets!) now understand why it's important for mama to carve out time to get to The Wing! I knew membership included cool events with badass speakers, but imagine my surprise and delight to see a 3D printing STEM class for kids with MakerGirl on the schedule! Violet loved the class (you can see some shots in my stories) and Laurel tucked in at a lovely table to work. They were blown away by the space and it feels so good to have them on board with my experiment!


Explore 2019: The Wing

Oh man, you guys. Today is a big day. I left academia for freelance life 13 years ago and have worked out of home. I'm actually really great at working at home because I don't mind the solitude, have laser focus, and totally can ignore the mess in the house. BUT, my stress level this spring inspired me to do something radically different to force me to get out of the house and have decompression time via a commute. (I never thought I would ever want a commute again!)

I signed up for the women's co-working space @the.wing and honestly, I was a little uncertain because the timing (opening right when school let out) made ZERO sense but I have talked to my family about how I need to make this a priority...even if I'm just here once a week during the summer.

Today is my first day here and OMG it is just as wonderful as you might expect and the very first thing I did was step out on to this gorgeous little patio and record an IG TV!

I'm considering this a one-year experiment, after which point I will re-evaluate and see if the investment feels worth it, but at first blush, I AM THRILLED.


Explore 2019: New Editorial/Video Series

Woo hoo! New series alert! This summer I'm rolling out a long-form editorial/video series on life skills at Boston Mamas, and also sharing weekly simple, lighting fast life skills to teach kids over at Edit Your Life. Today I'm starting with something that's so important, both for freelancers and also to teach kids as they start looking for jobs.

Explore 2019: Summer Planning

Where are you at with summer planning? One of the tricky things about being self-employed is that technically I'm "flexible" (quotes warranted)...which means I struggle with committing to camps or whatever because we end up making our plans late. Part of me likes operating more last minute because I have learned from Jon that it's really powerful to make decisions closer in so you actually know how you are feeling in that moment.

But last summer was really awful for me. You might remember that I suffered from what Jon and I called a "stress seizure" and it was really, really scary. I was carrying too many things and operating day to day assuming I could just juggle all the things. I did not build in enough help in advance and I crashed and burned hard.

School is out in a few weeks and I have started mapping out -- on paper! -- a framework so I can see the big picture. I am working on alternating time off and camp time for Violet so that I can actually be present whether in work or play mode.

This photo is a throwback to 4 weeks ago when I was with dear friends, about to roadtrip to Mom 2.0 summit. I am posting it as a reminder to myself that this is the level of happy and relaxed I want to shoot for this summer.


Explore 2019: Fitness Project + New Editorial Feature

I've got a million things on the to-do list + lots of running around (started with Violet's well visit this morning) so I'm thinking I will basically spend the entire day in this New Balance gear (which was kindly gifted to me in advance of Mother's Day...thank you New Balance!). It's performance gear (I will be doing some much needed yoga in it later today) + also has a luxe vibe, which I am super into. And it's also awesome/related because right now I am percolating on a fitness project...assuming all goes well I will share more next month!

Also, if you want to learn more about what I'm wearing you can head to bostonmamas.com/blog/spring-favorites -- I'm also exploring some new editorial ideas and just launched something new on the blog too...a quarterly feature on my favorite things!