Explore 2019: Online Tennis Tutorials

Today's photo prompt is HAPPINESS IS and for me it's playing tennis with Jon! It was chilly and windy this morning but we got out there as soon as Vi's bus pulled off!

Here's the thing. I know lessons are a good thing. And I was shocked that the one clinic I took with Morra over the winter totally made an impact. The coach kept reminding me to follow through on my strokes and low and behold it stuck and I am hitting the ball harder. But I'm also having trouble justifying the cost of regular lessons right now. I know, I know...I deserve to invest in myself. But I'm not quite there yet!

So meanwhile, I'm going to explore some online tutorials. I just watched a few quick US Tennis Association clips and am going to go down a YouTube rabbit hole later! If you play tennis and know of good online resources, I'd love to hear about them.

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Explore 2019: Fashion Reality Check

Confession time: as much as I love fashion and social media, over the years I have come to an embarrassing realization...that I have grown to feel like when I wore something that got photographed a lot at an event I couldn't really wear it again to something where I would get photographed again. Which is, like, so utterly ridiculous because hello, I'm not a celebrity, and even if I was, hello, clothes are meant to be worn more than once!

I'm still working on this though! Last month I found myself searching a bit for something new to wear to Alt Summit and then I was like, hey, I already have something perfect...a bright, happy dress (the Alt signature color in fact) that would not take up a ton of space in my luggage and, critically--since I was not staying long enough to even have a room to stay in!--would not require ironing!

I'm not saying I'm not buying new clothes for work events because I do love pretty new clothes, but I am going to embrace (repeatedly! lovingly!) the stuff I already have. And I got a ton of compliments on this dress!

📷 by  Tess & Ted

📷 by Tess & Ted

Kick Ass Style Over 40

So honored to be included in this style feature (kick ass style over 40, yo!) by my talented photographer/writer friend Karen Walrond. Having grown up with very little money (literally, wearing the same hand me down clothes for a week at a time), it's been such an interesting journey to figure out my style and be intentional about my choices. I take a really curated approach to clothing...I actually don't have a ton of clothes -- I don't even own a dresser!

Anyway, bottom line: I really love the idea of fashion as a conduit for human connection. Also, for not squeezing my muffin top. I hope you enjoy the interview!