Explore 2019: Easter Cake Design

What makes you happy? Baking is a big source of joy for me! I think part of it is because my work is so digital and baking is such a tactile, creative counterpoint. Baking has also been a key activity for me and the girls to do together (since I have basically zero patience for pretend play type games).

Over the years people have told me I should start a cake business but I don't want that level of pressure, especially since I tend to make things up as I go...I'll start with a general idea but totally iterate on the fly, as was the cake with this ombre Easter cake I created last year. Thankfully I did take notes and just posted the how-to at bostonmamas.com.

And yes, right now I'm exploring this year's Easter cake design. I literally have just been closing my eyes and thinking about colors and motifs and waiting for something to come to me. STILL WORKING ON IT!