Explore 2019 #229: Power of loving human connection

I know this sounds a little nuts but I always look forward to Fridays because I have a significant work runway: 7am - 5:30pm. This is how I do Mondays too, but Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are a seriously exhausting sprint trying to cram a full day (sometimes more) of work into 6 hours. HOWEVER, I don't recommend working 10.5 hours straight without some sort of levity/non-computer focused activity...the days I do that I am a complete zombie.

I just got back from just that -- levity, light, love -- via lunch with my BFF Paige...amazing human, fellow creative, keeper of all my secrets! Seriously, text a friend to make lunch plans today. Everything feels better when you're operating from a foundation of loving human connection


Edit Your Life Episode 177: How To Deal With Difficult People

Christine and writer and psychotherapist Kristen Howerton discuss dealing with toxic people covering conflict resolution with friends, toxic family members, dealing with strained family relationships when it involves caregiving of a parent, difficult co-workers, different political views, and how to deal with pretentious people in your circle of connections.

Explore 2019: The life changing magic of one-on-one time

I realize it is a luxury and privilege to be able to do this, but in whatever way you can, I can't recommend enough making space for one-on-one time with your kids. My mind is literally blown by all the things Laurel and I have talked about and even though we only had 48 hours on the ground in California, I already know that this is a trip she and I will never, ever forget. Also, my mind is blown by how many Asians are here in California.


Explore 2019: Teen stress support

Teens get such a bad rap so I want to share this story. This week has been extremely stressful. In addition to seeing my mom through heart surgery, some of my siblings and I have also been working on flipping her rental. Laurel offered to help me and my sister Steph work on it today, and she can now add blind removal, shopvac'ing, and painting to her life skills. Seriously, it was an exhausting day of work and she was steady and cheerful and worked her ass off, which ultimately was a major source of stress support for me, too. Thank you Laurel.


Explore 2019: Friendship gratitude

The necklace is stunning, yes, (and it's traveled from India to Portland to Boston!), but the note in the gorgeous card that came with it...😭😭😭 I wish dearly for everyone to experience the gift of being as seen and heard and stuck by in friendship as I do by Asha.

Quite frankly, I'm not always the easiest person to deal with. One of my classic defense mechanisms is to throw up walls and focus on tactics if I feel like emotional shit is getting too hard or if I'm overwhelmed with work and life. I have had friends give up on me and tell me I'm not enough because of it. But Asha? She patiently but firmly persists and layers on the love until you get to a point where you can see clearly again. I love you, Asha. Thank you for sticking with me.