She Puts Me To Shame

I’m starting to wonder whether I’m surrounded by aliens. Ridiculously multitasking, impervious-to-exhaustion aliens. In the blog world, I’ve met some truly amazing women who basically put me to shame…multiple kids, multiple websites, and smart, funny, and cool to boot. I’d like to hate them, but I can only stand back and admire. I’ll shout out these women periodically as inspiration strikes, and today I tip my hat to Kristen Chase. I totally don’t get how this chick operates. Not only is she a fellow recovering academic like me, but she’s a mother of three, runs multiple thriving websites (Cool Mom Picks, Parent Bloggers Network, and Motherhood Uncensored are the ones I know about...maybe there are more), and apparently has a knack for creating hilarious spoof videos. She co-produced a “My Boobs?” video in the wake of the Motrin Moms PR disaster. Go have a look.