Because It's Still Cool To Blog

Oh Yes, Bloggers Are Considered Media

Last week I was honored to attend a NYC media event to announce the second wave of the Pampers/UNICEF "1 Pack = 1 Vaccine" campaign; an event headlined by the lovely Salma Hayek (you can read about the press conference at Boston Mamas). I must say that after witnessing the photo frenzy at the press conference I developed a new sensitivity to, and compassion for, what celebrities go through, with a million flashbulbs going off in their faces. Ironically, with my slim little digital camera I still wanted to go flash-free. Here are some of the photos I got at the press conference, from my fabulous front row seat:

UNICEF President & CEO Caryl Stern + Salma Hayek

Gorgeous, articulate, and passionate about the cause.

With kids from Broadway Kids Care. Had to include this shot to show Salma's KILLER Alexander McQueen stiletto boots {covet}.