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Chatting with Salma Hayek

After early morning interviews with Rachael Ray and the Today show, followed by the press conference and several hours of interviews, Salma Hayek still – impressively – had the steam to chat with me, Isabel Kallman (Alpha Mom), Nicole Feliciano (Momtrends), and Lauren Passell ( Hayek of course looked beautiful though understandably a tad weary, but the energy immediately picked up when we started discussing the work, and how it has related to her daughter Valentina and her parenting journey. I actually loved that when we walked in the door, Salma wasn’t as perfectly put together as when we had seen her during the press conference; her (fierce) Alexander McQueen stilettos were off, her cuffs unbuttoned, and there was a smidgeon of makeup on her white collar. But it actually seemed perfect for what the moment essentially was; a gathering of moms talking about parenting and nurturing babies. You can read the transcript of the interview over at Boston Mamas; below are a few more photos from the day:

Caryl Stern (UNICEF), Andrea Urioste (Rocket XL), Isabel Kallman (Alpha Mom), Salma Hayek, Christine Koh (Boston Mamas), Nicole Feliciano (Momtrends), Laurel Passell (Parenting)

With Isabel & Nicole

Carlos De Jesus (P & G) and Andrea Urioste (Rocket XL)