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A Sucker for Spectacle

I wrote a few weeks ago about how Dancing With the Stars has figured out a way for there to be a little something for everyone roster-wise. recently unveiled their Season 8 Pair Photos and I'm even more intrigued. What can I say -- I'm a sucker for spectacle.

I know I'm biased towards gymnastics, but how adorable yet grownup does Shawn Johnson look? And actually, now I wonder how tall Mark Ballas is. Shawn's little, and even in a knees bent position the height match looks good. Actually, it would make sense if he was on the shorter side, and subsequently gets matched with smaller contestants, since he was paired with Kristi Yamaguchi.

And is it just me or is it really apparent that Steve Wozniak refused to wear a blingy costume? Though maybe it was a big deal for him to wear a pink button down... Hope he cuts loose on the dance floor!

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