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Day 9: Reality Check and Alternative Workout

Day #9 of the 30-Day Shredhead Challenge. Today was a day of reality checks: 1. I’m someone who does best when I follow my instincts, and after the palpable depression that set in with Boston’s slushy, snowy, and gray day yesterday (after a Sunday in the 60’s), as soon as I saw the sun shining this morning, I knew I had to alter my shred plan.

2. I’ll admit it, I’ve been checking myself out in the mirror every morning and the reality is that if I’m really going to get at my thigh and waist problem areas, I need more than 6 minutes of cardio.

3. As much as I’d love to run, I’m just not built for it. But walking is a great form of cardio, especially if you push it at a good clip.

4. Sadly, I'm not great at just walking for the sake of walking; I need to be going somewhere for a reason.

So here’s what I did today:

1. Three-mile loop walk, with pit stops at the bank and post office. I walked at a fast pace (I was drenched by the time I got home!), being mindful to walk with long strides and good posture (i.e., engaging abs). The sun felt FANTASTIC. Yippee!

2. As soon as I got home, to address the arms/upper body, I opted for the fastest (and most painful) route: push ups. I did two sets of 8 repetitions, book ended around abs (next). Incredibly painful, but incredibly effective.

3. I finished up with a quick set of abs: 12 repetitions x 5 targets (basic crunches for upper abs, double crunches for upper and lower, oblique crunches with a leg raise on right then left side, leg extension lifts for lower abs). I really concentrated on form and going as far as I could with each repetition to get the most out of the short sets.

I still have more work to do with Jillian, but there's something to be said for following your instincts and opting for an alternative workout.