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Level 2 Done...Now What?

Day #10 of the 30-Day Shredhead Challenge. When I started the Shredhead Challenge, I didn't realize that the flow was to do each of the 3 levels for 10 days each (it takes me a while to catch on sometimes...). I thought you picked a level and the programming in it changed automatically. So I started with Level 2 since that programming was scheduled to be on longer via Comcast than Level 1. Also, I had already been doing some yoga so I felt OK going with the intermediate level.

Apparently those 10 day allocations are pretty on the mark. I have improved a lot on this level - even doing plank jacks today! - and there still were a couple of elements where I had to take a brief breather, but otherwise, I'm definitely ready to move on. Due to boredom/muscle acclimation I ended up swapping up several elements today. Time for a new challenge.

But now what? Level 3 isn't up yet on Comcast. So I guess tomorrow I'll either opt for an alternate workout (Jillian Michaels does offer some other scary looking segments...) or - if the workout appears - be able to report on a new level of suffering.

Congrats shredheads, for making it to Day #10!