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Level 3 Improv

Day #14 of the 30-Day Shredhead Challenge. Since finishing Level 2, I've been flying by the seat of my pants. Level 3 isn't up on demand and I've been holding out hope that it will appear once Level 1 expires (March 17). Meanwhile, I've been winging it with other on demand fitness programming.

Today I decided to try Jillian's "Quick Trouble Zones" -- it's a 40 minute program (longer than the daily shred challenge programming), and I'd estimate that this program is probably a very good substitute for Level 3. Jillian drills through 3 or 4 circuits (with 5 elements each) x 2, all incorporating upper and lower body. It was killer. There were many elements where I couldn't finish the reps.

I'll still keep looking for Level 3, but meanwhile, I've got plenty to work on with this program.