I Gargled My Heart for 60 Minutes

Day #17 of the 30-Day Shredhead Challenge. OK, so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration since the 60 minutes included warm up and cool down, but aside from the beginning and end I was, in fact, gargling my heart.

So thanks to email with Kristen, I finally get how on demand makes some money. Levels 1 and 2 are available on demand but if you want Level 3 you need to buy it. Well, I'm too lazy (cheap?) to do that, so I explored another Jillian option today so I can stay with the program and also address my specific needs.

As I wrote previously, Jillian offers a Quick Trouble Zones 40-minute workout that I think would be pretty similar to what Level 3 might entail. But weirdly, while I dug it the first day, when I tried to return to it, a lot of the elements were really hard on my (admittedly weak) knees. I ended up spending more time thinking up alternate exercises and ultimately didn't get a lot out of the workout yesterday.

So today I decided to go for Jillian's 60-minute Boost Metabolism program, because I'm actually feeling OK in the strength department, and what I really need is some hard core cardio to bust up the muffin top. I loved this workout -- it was hard, made me sweat profusely, and was a nice change up in that you didn't need weights at all. Instead, arms were worked via planks and kickboxing (punching). And I must say, I loved returning to kickboxing, which I haven't done since grad school. I have a great mental target I use...