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Avoid Lying In A Puddle Of Your Own Sweat While You Get Your Groove On

Amidst the humor and camaraderie of the Shredhead Challenge, each day I'm still amazed by how awesome it is to be making change instead of just griping about being out of shape, low on energy, etc. Yesterday I posted at Boston Mamas about negotiating sugar battles with kids, and how the shred has helped me set my own limits around sugar. It’s really cool to be feeling more in control of things (control freak that I am) on that front. I’m now tagging in to comment on the last two days of shredding. Yesterday I was short on time so I went back and did the Jillian Level 2 shred – it was great that it was still a good workout and that I was able to do everything (even those frikkin' plank jacks!). Yeah! Progress! I followed it up with a quick set of abs.

Today I had more flexibility in my schedule so I did Jillian’s 60 Minute Boost Metabolism and instead of the cool down I decided to try Jennifer Galardi’s Standing Abs program (with stretching to follow while multitasking). You get a taste of standing abs exercises through Jillian’s programs and I liked the concept of doing some targeted abs without having to lie in a puddle of my own sweat.

In addition to the bonus of not having to lie in said puddle of sweat, I really liked that: 1) there’s no pulling on the neck as there is with standard on-the-floor crunches; and 2) Jennifer draws from Pilates and dance in some of the moves. Very cool, and after all the Dancing With the Stars I have been watching, I gained a new appreciation for how intense hip rotations can be for the abs.

I’d definitely recommend this program if you want to shake up your abs routine!