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The Quest for Flat Abs (Without Medical Intervention)

Today I decided to add a specific personal goal as part of my participation in Team Jillian. While I’m actually feeling toned and trimmer overall (yippee!!), the one nagging trouble spot is my tummy. It’s definitely shrinking thanks to the shred but to be quite honest I’m wondering if it’s possible to get it flat naturally (meaning, um, without medical intervention). The other issue is time – because as much as I heart Jillian’s 60 minute Boost Metabolism, it’s hard to fit that in, especially on days when I have no childcare. After reading that our fearless Shredhead leader Kristen did a 21 minute Fat Burn on ExerciseTV, I found one by Cindy Whitmarsh. It wasn’t as taxing (obviously) as the Jillian program since it’s a 1/3 of the length, but it definitely got me sweating. Then I followed up with one of Cindy’s ab programs (found in the ExerciseTV Abs category). I think that’s what I need – dedicated ab programming. Overall, this alternate workout took about 35-40 minutes.

So here’s my plan. I’m going to alternate Jillian’s 60 minute Boost Metabolism (since I have learned through the shred that I really need intense cardio to trim down) with a shorter fitness segment combined with a targeted abs program. Let’s hope I have some good results to show at the end of the month!