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Bad Blogger Outreach: III (The Unfathomably Absurd)

Pursuant to Bad Blogger Outreach: I (The Bad) and Bad Blogger Outreach: II (The Ugly), here is Part III... III - The Unfathomably Absurd:

I have received various pitches to attempt to engage me in pay for play (for the record, I clearly state on my contact page that I do not engage in those practices), but none so aggressive as this gem:

[No salutation]

We own and operate several websites that sell personalized stationery and are looking for someone to post numerous, 50 to 100 word articles about each of our websites and the products we sell on our sites. Each post will have a couple of hyperlinks and three keyword synonyms. We would like to start with an agreement to post 50 articles and will commit to other postings if these are done satisfactorily. This project would commence immediately. I will provide the hyperlinks and keywords for each posting.

Here are two of our websites [direct links] which will give you an idea of the type products we sell. Please let me know if you are interested and the compensation you wish to receive. Thanks

Well, at least they're planning on compensation of some kind, but really, 50 articles about personalized stationery? And that incredulous emphasis is coming from someone who actually designs personalized stationery.