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Utterly Hopeless or Just Not Properly Prepared?

As those who have been following my Shredhead journey may recall, for the last couple of months I have been mixing up Jillian's Boost Metabolism and No More Trouble Zones with Angie Stewart and Elise Gulan's ass kicking (hybrid) yoga. The Shredhead leaders have moved on to training for 5K's and I must admit that I've been watching from the sidelines with a mix of envy and admiration. I have always assumed that I'm just not built for running (my attempts have been short and stiff) but recently I've come to wonder whether that assumption is incorrect.

The other day I observed (and mentioned to Jon) that after doing yoga, it was relatively easy for me to do a standing hip stretch (essentially a one legged chair pose or squat), but if I tried to do the same stretch after either of Jillian's workouts I was completely unable to stay balanced.

Later on, after hearing me comment yet again about how much I wished I was able to run, Jon  suggested that - similar to my differing balancing ability depending on preceding workout - perhaps there was something I could do to prepare my body to run with more ease. So here, I call out to any experienced runners (and I define experienced as anyone who can run farther than I can... which would be about 2 blocks) for advice on how you prepare your body before running (specific stretches or whatever); basically, what helps you stay relaxed enough to run?

I really love the workout mix I've got going (hell, I even posted pictures of myself in a bikini thanks to it), but there are several reasons I'd love to try running again:

  • It's easy (well, the part about just lacing up your shoes and going)
  • There's potential for solidarity (running with Jon or running with friends, such as at the upcoming BlogHer 5K)
  • It's OUTSIDE (especially nice since it finally has stopped raining in Boston)
  • When I travel it would be easier to go for a run then try to recreate a yoga or Jillian routine in my hotel room.
  • It would be effective in trimming down my last nagging trouble area (thighs).

Any thoughts would be welcome - thanks!