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Confessing to the Absurdity of my Worst Procrastination Tendencies

I’m a high functioning person with the capacity to get a lot done in a limited amount of time. However, when I have a lot of projects on my plate (which is pretty much always, between Boston Mamas, Posh Peacock, and my other freelance writing and editing gigs), sometimes I just feel utterly overwhelmed; every task on my list seems too large to tackle, and I procrastinate. And the thing is, lately I’ve become a little disgusted by the ways in which I tend to procrastinate, particularly given the constant state of disorganization I feel mired in, my overflowing inbox, the lovely bird greeting card collection that has been half-designed for about 6 months, and the fact that Laurel’s closet is filled with clothes that are 1-2 years too small for her. The list goes on.

I queried on Twitter about people’s worst forms of procrastination and they involved things such as TV (@vpzdesigns, @that_danielle), web surfing (@allisonpeltz, @wbgookin, @loveyoga), food (@kidmuseumnh: I loved their response, “either eating food or talking about food if no actual food is available”), or forms of procrastination that actually are productive, such as laundry (@k_patterson).

There are some similarities, but my list also includes a few more ludicrous items. So my hope is that by confessing to the absurdity of my worst procrastination tendencies, I can shed them. I want to make better use of my time. And if I do find myself with a few minutes to kill between meetings or whatever, I’d like to spend them better.

So, here are the worst ways I tend to procrastinate, followed by related, more meaningful replacement behaviors. I'd love to hear your confessions too.