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Mixing It Up

As I've charted my journey with the Shredheads, I've found that improvisation has been key: swapping up moves that didn't kill my knees, modifying workouts on days where I had less time. And exploring different types of workouts has proven awesome, both in fitting my mood and my schedule. I've been committed to Jillian Michaels since Day 1 (holy crap, all the way back on March 2!), first through the 30-Day Shred in March, then by swapping up Jillian programs (introducing the hour-long Boost Metabolism and No More Trouble Zones into my routine) in April, then continuing with Jillian but adding yoga into the mix in May and June. In July, bolstered by the super helpful comments of Bill, Karianna, Kristen, Lisa, Marianne, and Lauren (who provided a super helpful link to a Couch to 5K running plan) I tossed aside my assumptions about not being able to run (which I've held for basically forever...) and started working on it.

I have finished the first 6 segments of the Couch to 5K plan and I'm still here! Woo!

And now that I've gotten past the first couple of days where my quads were on fire, I'm actually liking it!

So now, I'm constantly mixing it up and I've found that this results in two awesome things: 1) avoiding boredom; and 2) allowing me to fit in exercise no matter what (i.e., not make excuses to skip it). On days where I have more flexibility (i.e., Laurel's day care days) I opt for Jillian's hour-long programs. On days where I have meetings and a bit less time or feel that my body just really needs some good deep stretching, I opt for yoga (45 minute programming). And on days where I'm really short on time or Laurel is home with my mom (i.e., more challenging to work out in the living room), I have opted for the Couch to 5K plan (at the moment, 30 minute programming).

I've mentioned before that Jon has always been ultra supportive of wherever I'm at physically - he's never concerned about my weight, only that I'm content. And one of his kindest recent comments was that my body seems happy and lived in; that I now project an energy and liveliness that was absent for a considerable stretch prior to starting the Shredheads challenge.

I'm not sure I could ever train for a triathalon, I'll always need to covet Kristen and Christina's glorious height from a worm's eye view, and I'll probably never achieve triceps like Audrey or Jane (and I can only assume Sharon), but I'm really happy that by mixing it up, I've finally found a fitness groove that works for me. No matter what my body looks like, if I'm projecting happy and energized mojo, I am, indeed, content.