Because It's Still Cool To Blog


Between work, the flurry of recent travel and events, and the general demands of parenting and life, I’ve been feeling a tad undone lately -- cascading piles of paper everywhere, the relentless tide of e-mails, creative projects left hanging, and a house that feels untidy pretty much all of the time. I can't identify the turning point, but some time in the last year I went from being busy but relatively on top of things to busy to the point of absurdly absentminded; I’m now the person who forgets to RSVP for Laurel’s friend’s birthday parties, loses bill statements, and can’t remember anything Jon asks verbally (I need him to send me an email to get it on my radar...pathetic, I know). Part of the problem is that ever since trading academia for freelancing, I have had more than a full-time work load (via Boston Mamas, Posh Peacock, and my freelance writing and editing gigs) but only part-time child care (my choice… just felt right for me and Laurel). However, when the universe tested me this past week and I received several last minute e-mails from friends about getting together (following back to back business trips), I went against the logical path and opted for personal connection over work.

And I’m so grateful I did.

Over the course of the last week I was able to:

Meet up with my friends Paige, Mark, and Carrie - people I have known since elementary and middle school (25 year old friendships!).

Host my girlfriend Braden and her son for a couple of days. I lived with Braden as a subletter in an apartment right after I graduated from college. That apartment is where I met Jon. It was Braden’s first visit to Boston since Jon and my wedding nine years ago.

See my dear friend Anne and her girls. Anne and her family now live in Dubai, which makes getting together, well, less frequent.

Enjoy a breezy lunch in Boston with my friend Lea from Chicago. Lea was my roommate while I was dating Jon, and just before Jon and I set off on our 'round-North-America graduate school adventures. It was one of those situations where I lucked out and decided to share an apartment with a complete stranger (after living with someone I knew who turned out to be crazy), and she ended up being an awesome person and becoming a dear friend.

Needless to say, my papers are still cascading everywhere, my e-mail inbox overflows, and my house remains a disaster. But I wouldn't trade all of the lovely moments I experienced this week for work time. Particularly on the heels of the in real life awesomeness I experienced at BlogHer, I’m feeling so grateful. To have friends. To have so many memories with all of these wonderful people. To have flexibility in my work life that allows me to call the shots with my schedule so I can see friends when they drop into this fair city.

And to have friends who continue to call me despite my spotty correspondence.