Oh Michelle, How You Rock

Because I've been doing such an awesome job cutting down on procrastination, I totally forgot about the fact that Michelle Kwan performed in Seoul, Korea a few weeks ago. I almost felt like a bad fan, but I think it's a good thing.

Anyhow, yesterday I remembered and looked for the performances on YouTube. They basically affirmed why Michelle will always be in a league of her own.

This first clip is of her Carmina Burana program -- very dramatic; definitely has the feel of a competitive short program:

The second clip is of her Winter Song program -- feels like an exhibition piece and basically moved me to tears:

It's a shame we won't see Michelle attempt a historic Olympic bid this year but with these clips, I almost don't care. Now I'm hoping that since Michelle will be a Tufts Jumbo this year, maybe she'll perform at the Harvard Evening with Champions.