Explore 2019: New family hobby

When you have kids who are 6.5 years apart (+ have different interests and personalities of course), it's a total unicorn moment to find an activity that everyone in the family genuinely enjoys. That's why skiing became such a magical thing for us this past winter, when Violet jumped on board.

Tennis is a huge source of joy for me and Jon, and when Laurel picks up a racquet, she's amazingly natural at it, though it's not the activity she normally gravitates towards. But Violet has shown zero interest. So typically, Jon and I head to the courts on our own.

Yesterday Laurel was off early to the beach and Jon and I really wanted to play so we asked Vi to come down to the courts with us. We packed snacks and an activity and most of the time she just chilled in the shade doing her thing, but then when we were done she asked if she could swing Jon's racquet. And all of a sudden was having so much fun that she asked us to dig out the kid's racquet my friend Anne gave us.

This morning I took both kids to the court and it was UNREAL. Laurel and Violet were on opposite sides and most of the time I just fed Violet balls and she would try to hit it over the net to Laurel. And she ended up being REALLY FREAKIN' GOOD AT IT and she and Laurel ended up rallying a bunch and each of them were hitting winners. I mean, WHAT??

Whenever Vi took a water break Laurel and I rallied or I'd practice my serve a little bit but largely I watched in complete awe as I fed Violet balls, and called out encouragement to both kids, and freaked out when either of them hit a winner, and we all just laughed a ton while a new spark grew for these two. I can't believe our whole family can now enjoy tennis together!


Explore 2019: Basketball

The last time I stepped on a basketball court was about 18 years ago. This was before kids and Jon and I decided to go to the nearby court. I had zero experience, tried to shoot a basket, and promptly turned my ankle and limped off the court, duly humbled. So basketball has been 0% on my radar for the last 18 years!

Both Laurel and Violet do things at their own pace when they're ready and I have learned that it's way better for everyone to honor that pace. I was surprised when Vi told me out of the blue that she wanted to play basketball this summer. Apparently she had been pondering for a while and felt the time was right. It was amazing to see her out for the first time at her clinic last night, running hard, having fun, and she even stole the ball once!

Today at morning meeting when we were identifying what to do for brain, body, and house (see my IG TV on summer structure if you're wondering what I'm talking about!) since she had so much fun last night I suggested we go down to the courts so she could practice dribbling and shooting. I told her explicitly that I would not play and would sit on the sidelines working on some editing. Off we went.

She played for a while on her own and then I offered to stand in position to bounce the ball back to her while she practiced shooting (so she could do more shooting and less chasing the ball off the court). We did that for a while and then she said, "Mom, you really should try to shoot. I can teach you!" I said no. Kid kept after me and finally I tried it and I figured I would trick her into shooting more by saying that I would take one shot after every 5 of hers.

You guys, we ended up having THE BEST TIME. And even in flip flops I didn't roll my ankle and I scored a few baskets (look at my surprise and delight in photo #3). Thanks, Violet, for pushing me to try something new. This summer has already proven the ultimate work/play rollercoaster!


Explore 2019: Shutting Down the Slopes

Well, wow! We played hooky today and weren't sure how the weather would play but decided to just roll with it since Mother Nature is boss anyway.

It's our first time skiing in Maine! We hit the slopes as soon as they opened and took a truly game changing lesson at Sunday River (thank you Bill!)...I am finally getting parallel! The day started incredibly foggy, turned super rainy, and then the clouds started to part and it was the most spectacular day.

For the first time ever, we were the last ones on the lift! Skied straight from 9am to 4pm minus a quick lunch break and even though I am sore all over it felt pretty badass to shut down the slopes!