Explore 2019: Basketball

The last time I stepped on a basketball court was about 18 years ago. This was before kids and Jon and I decided to go to the nearby court. I had zero experience, tried to shoot a basket, and promptly turned my ankle and limped off the court, duly humbled. So basketball has been 0% on my radar for the last 18 years!

Both Laurel and Violet do things at their own pace when they're ready and I have learned that it's way better for everyone to honor that pace. I was surprised when Vi told me out of the blue that she wanted to play basketball this summer. Apparently she had been pondering for a while and felt the time was right. It was amazing to see her out for the first time at her clinic last night, running hard, having fun, and she even stole the ball once!

Today at morning meeting when we were identifying what to do for brain, body, and house (see my IG TV on summer structure if you're wondering what I'm talking about!) since she had so much fun last night I suggested we go down to the courts so she could practice dribbling and shooting. I told her explicitly that I would not play and would sit on the sidelines working on some editing. Off we went.

She played for a while on her own and then I offered to stand in position to bounce the ball back to her while she practiced shooting (so she could do more shooting and less chasing the ball off the court). We did that for a while and then she said, "Mom, you really should try to shoot. I can teach you!" I said no. Kid kept after me and finally I tried it and I figured I would trick her into shooting more by saying that I would take one shot after every 5 of hers.

You guys, we ended up having THE BEST TIME. And even in flip flops I didn't roll my ankle and I scored a few baskets (look at my surprise and delight in photo #3). Thanks, Violet, for pushing me to try something new. This summer has already proven the ultimate work/play rollercoaster!