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Letter For The Ducks

For as long as I can remember, I've always felt strongly that it's important to make your voice heard; I have written countless letters of the non-personal variety, whether they have served to point out bad customer service, commend awesome customer service, or advocate for school music programs or other causes and issues. It appears that Laurel shares my sense of purpose here.

On Sunday, we were strolling through the Public Garden, which led me to comment that I was glad that Pack (stolen last spring) was back. Which led to countless questions from Laurel, for example: Why would anyone steal a baby duck statue? How did they remove the duck? Really, they cut it off at the legs? Who were the robbers? Did they get caught? Were they mean? Did they go to jail? Where were the police? Shouldn't the police be protecting the ducks all the time? And so on.

I turned to Google for some of the answers, and otherwise did my best to assuage Laurel's worries and share that it would be too expensive for the city to have police duty watching the ducks 24/7. She seemed unsatisfied with that response and sat down to write the following letter, which will be on its way to the Boston Police Department shortly.

It reads: Dear police, In the public garden, we think you should put alarms and a secret camera around the ducks. Love, Laurel, Jon and Christine. Good luck!

As an avid letter writer myself, I must say that I commend her sense of duty. At five years old no less.

I also love that she signed her note with "love" and "Good luck!"