Because It's Still Cool To Blog

Free Weekend

It’s not often that Jon and I look at the calendar and find ourselves free of work events, children's birthday parties, or personal appointments. But this was one of those weekends. And it. was. amazing. On Saturday, save a short run for me, we lounged around in the morning, ate a late breakfast, and Laurel and I worked on craft projects. We ate (a late) lunch and decided we really ought to head out and enjoy the beautiful weather so we meandered around town, enjoying things like Japanese pastries, buying Jon some new trekkers, picking up goodies at the art and fabric stores, and buying Laurel her first yo-yo. We returned home, hung out some more, and capped the night with Mexican food.

On Sunday our day followed a similarly leisurely suit. Nothing formal but we again decided to enjoy the perfect weather, so we headed to the Boston Arts Festival. We took Laurel for a ride on the Greenway carousel, wandered around looking at beautiful art and crafts, listened to music, and then Jon and I lounged around while we watched Laurel:

Paint a community mural.

Image by Christine Koh

Make a massive button necklace at the Museum of Fine Arts table.

Make paper from pulp.

Make woodblock prints.

Learn how to weave on a loom.

Image by Christine Koh

We hung around the Greenway for a while longer, then stopped through the North End for gelato, cannoli (oh my word having a fresh filled cannoli totally rocked my world), and lattes before heading home.

I couldn’t ask for more from a weekend. And it was a good reminder of why I need to keep more weekends appointment-free in the future.