Poppin' Fresh Roll, 19 Weeks

So here's what happens when people find out I'm pregnant or I see friends I haven't seen since announcing the pregnancy: They step back in disbelief, look at my belly, and say, "WTF? You don't even look pregnant!" To which I usually think -- and sometimes reply (contingent on comfort level of the parties involved) -- "Well, if you saw me naked, it's a totally different story."

I'm certainly not trying to mask my pregnancy; I just happen to be the same size everywhere else except my bump so I have yet to need real maternity clothes (thank you stretchy skinny jeans and knit dresses). And I guess my regular clothes conceal my bump pretty effectively.

So this week I thought I'd share the next best thing to, well, posting pictures of myself naked. A clingy tissue tee seems to show the poppin' fresh roll pretty well.

Laurel is utterly fascinated by my bump; it's so sweet! Yesterday we were reading on the couch together and she cuddled and chatted with Roll the whole time. I can't wait to see Laurel and Roll together for real.