Roll’s First Wedding, Almost 18 Weeks

We attended a lovely wedding this past weekend (yay Danny and Jennie!). Technically, these photos are a tad shy of 18 weeks, but this was my opportunity to hand someone else my camera -- instead of taking pictures in a mirror or using a timer -- so I jumped on the chance. Ah, see? My awesome camera can capture pictures in sharp focus! And just like last week, at this stage in my pregnancy, I seem to represent variably at different angles. In the first shot I definitely look preggers; the second shot is a little more questionable. Either way, I'm happy to be feeling fantastic and healthy, and I heart this chic and absurdly comfortable shirred dress. And the pewter floral bag. And the, um, hot red shoes. Oh, and the sparkly earrings and necklace I bought from my friend Paige's biz. Yay for having an excuse to dress up! And yay for Roll's first wedding!