Gratitude: Lots of Little Things

[Installment 4 of the Declare & Celebrate Gratitude Project] This past week I was grateful for...

...Laurel, who finds no baking task too daunting. Even making mile high apple pie.

…apple peelers (pursuant to the above, Laurel peeled 5.5 pounds of apples all by herself with the rotary peeler).

…the fact that at one point, Laurel had three living great-grandparents. The last of them – her great-grandfather -- died last week at the age of 91. An amazing feat...and what I would have given to see my father live beyond 71.

...Laurel, who always wants to come to the cemetery with me when I visit my dad and grandparents.

…bearing witness to Laurel’s first time making it all the way across the monkey bars and also her new ability to jump rope. She jumped rope all the way home from school the other day.

…massage therapy. And the fact that Jon thought to book a session for me during our Thanksgiving travels.

…my amazing in-laws.

…little quaint town centers.

…the simple joy that comes from carousel rides (and the fact that the one we visited was indoors and heated).

...Laurel, who always thinks to make all the place settings for Thanksgiving.

…pumpkin pie from scratch (including homemade crust).

…warm chocolate chip cookies.

...the marriage of brussels sprouts and bacon.

…nose nuzzles from Laurel.

…putting pen to beautiful notebook.

...making music.

...spending three days unplugged.

...the fact that after all these years, I still love holding hands with Jon.

…the woman who -- in a long bathroom queue -- offered that Laurel and I jump her spot in line. (I didn’t take her up on it, but was grateful for that gesture.)

What were you grateful for this week?