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Gratitude: People, Salt, Tea, The Universe

[Installment 2 of the Declare & Celebrate Gratitude Project]

This past week I was grateful for...

…the simple joy found in writing in salt.

…our next door neighbors. We live in a side by side townhouse/condo and sometimes they’re a little noisy (they have seven kids, though not all live at home since they’re older) but they are awesome. We had a “house dinner” on Monday and the big crowd around the dining room table reminded me of my growing up.

…the unflappable spirit of a friend who was diagnosed with lymphoma last week.

…my awesome midwife.

…Kathy of Boston Sportswoman, who kindly reached out a while back after reading my 16 week post. I finally had a chance to connect with Kathy on the phone recently and she’s super nice. I’m a featured blogger on her site now… isn’t that sweet?

…that Laurel loves to bake as much as I do. On Thursday’s school holiday we made a scrumptious batch (actually, double batch) of corn muffins (actually, half corn, half blueberry corn). We brought one batch to a playdate and have been enjoying one batch at home. Yummy.

…the way the universe works. This week I turned down a (well paying) opportunity because it didn’t jive with my life/editorial point of view (specifically, it involved food products containing preservatives and hydrogenated oils). Literally minutes after I sent that e-mail I received a fantastic quarterly guest writing offer –- excellent pay and completely in line with my POV.

…my awesome network of mom friends from Laurel’s elementary school. I love the sense of community and helping one another out…it’s about as close to a village as we can get. This week I was especially grateful to Amy and Angela –- Laurel is so comfortable and happy being at their homes.

…hot tea and pretty tea cups from which to drink it.

…my in laws –- how awesome they are to me and how awesome they are with Laurel.

...our dear friends Evadne and Ray and their three lovely children. We enjoyed a fantastic brunch with them yesterday -- they're one of those families where the connection between all of the adults is heartfelt, deep, and wonderful, and the kids all get along beautifully. We spent four hours with them, eating and enjoying the beautiful day in their backyard, and nary a scuffle amongst the kids. Incredible.

What were you grateful for this week?