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Gratitude: Treats, Unexpected Gifts, and Awesome People

[Installment 3 of the Declare & Celebrate Gratitude Project] This past week I was grateful for...

…my friend Ellen of Love That Max. The other week I randomly jumped in on a conversation she was having on Twitter about cupcakes. And then she sent me cupcakes this week (dude!). From Lux Sugar Bakery. Yummy.

…the fact that I feel well enough to still walk/run and do yoga during my pregnancy.

…the lovely Sharon, who sent Laurel a unicorn inspired birthday present totally out of the blue.

…people like my friend Carrie, who respond about work-y stuff even on the day they're due to push out a baby.

…signing on to a new, cool project (thanks universe, for delivering another gift!).

yoga pose cookie cutters. How crazy cute are those? Thanks to @valsykes for sharing the link.

…that I am connected with so many talented women. Jane, Sheri, and Paige were amazing on Life.Style this week.

…days where I start the day by sleeping in until 9am (thank you Jon!), then hang out and cruise around out in the world with Laurel. She is the best little sidekick.

…date night. We really should do that more than 2-3 times a year.

…Laurel’s preschool teachers. She hasn’t seen them in probably over a year but developed such a strong bond during her time at that school. We needed to enlist two of the teachers as sitters this week and goodbyes were a breeze and I felt so happy knowing that Laurel was happy while we were away

…crème brulee.

What were you grateful for this week?