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Gratitude: Food & Friends

[Installment 8 of the Declare & Celebrate Gratitude Project] This past week I was grateful for...

…the fact that Jon makes phenomenal poached eggs.

…the fact that Jon knows me so well. Per above, when he asked me if I wanted a poached egg I said no. As soon as I saw his and Laurel’s eggs I knew I had made a huge mistake. He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Don’t worry. I made you one anyway. I figured you would want one.”

…the brilliance of icebox cookies.

…recipes that double easily.

…this new gig.

…a sizzling stone pot of bi bim bap on a cold day.

…the enduring nature of classics such as Charlie Brown Christmas.

…friends who are undeterred by blizzard warnings (especially at a point where there are about 10 flakes coming down).

…friends like Morra and Kristin, who make a strong case for me taking a vacation.

What were you grateful for this week?