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Gratitude In Spades

[Installment 6 of the Declare & Celebrate Gratitude Project] This past week I was grateful for...

#reverb10, which is inspiring me to reflect and write every day this month. So far I’m 11 for 11, which I had not anticipated I would be.

…warm drinks on cold days.

…the holidays. I’m so very in the spirit this year. And doing so little from a material standpoint. It’s wonderful.

…easy crafts, such as these ridiculously beautiful paper garlands I made this week. I smile every time I walk by them.

…my contributors at Boston Mamas. This week I shipped everyone tokens of my appreciation for their contributions.

…the paint your own pottery studio that Laurel adores.

…discovering new craft projects.

…my mom’s improved turn in health. She’s been unwell and uncomfortable the last couple of weeks and is feeling much better this week.

…my talented friends.

…the thoughtful comments on this post. Some of them moved me to tears.

...when I learned that my friend Alice was thinking of (and writing about) me.

…my brother in law, who visited from the West Coast and is the type of guest who washes dishes even when you tell him not to.

…the fact that my dentist sees me on Sunday because I’m too busy during the weekdays.

…this unbelievably smooth and happy pregnancy.

…my amazing husband Jon. I feel as if I’m seeing him and all of his gifts so clearly and with such immense gratitude these days.

What were you grateful for this week?