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Large & In Charge Roll, 29 Weeks

Holy moly, Roll officially feels large and in charge. I can’t believe she's only about 2 pounds and that there are 11 weeks to go. My belly feels taut and at maximum capacity. Yesterday I started feeling a lot of uterine tightness (possibly Braxton Hicks contractions but who knows...maybe the Disney on Ice show was just freaking her out). Sometimes I need to shoehorn myself off the couch or out of bed. Also, I might be waddling a little. And while sometimes inconvenient, all of these things (plus the very regular kicks) are lovely reminders that Roll is growing happily. I’ve done squat as far as preparation is concerned, but I’m not worried in the least. She’ll have the important stuff: first and foremost, Jon, Laurel, and my love. And if my boobs are any indication (I realllly need to go buy some bigger bras), plenty to eat.