#reverb10: Defining Moment

I actually have two defining moment of 2010 -- they not only affected my life in logistical and practical ways, but also in big picture universe perspective ways. The first was my participation in Eat. Blog. Run. (which I wrote about for the Moment prompt on December 3). Why? Because as a newbie runner -- I had only started running about 9 months before participating in the relay -- training for, then being part of this amazing physical journey made me feel as if I could do anything. No endeavor seems too big to me now.

Second to that would be learning I was pregnant. After years of heartache and finally making peace with the concept that I was infertile, suffice to say it was a huge shock to learn that I was expecting. And it provided further evidence that it’s pointless to try to control or plan everything in life. Sometimes we need to simply trust in the universe.