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Life List: #20, Check!

For someone who is so get-stuff-done, sometimes it shocks me how stuck I get with certain projects. Like wielding a hammer and nail.

However, this past weekend I got over my hammer/nail paralysis and gleefully checked off life list item #20: "Finally hang pictures in my living room. (We’ve lived in our home for two years and the walls are shamefully bare.)"

Now, to my credit, getting this project done required sorting out several other moving pieces, such as furniture, which photos to select, etc. But it's done! Here's what we hung this weekend:

1. Above our couch, this big beautiful pastel by my talented friend Heather Pilchard. We actually have a huge wall here and the room is split into a sitting area and living area. We have another painting by Heather in the sitting area, but above the couch it's been a big gaping hole until now. This piece of art makes it feel so cozy and peaceful! Plus, I like looking at the piece because it reminds me that Heather I did a creative trade -- this artwork for a series of violin lessons.

2. These beautiful photos from Jon's recent trip to Mexico. It took us a while to select which photos to hang, but I love the cityscape shot (it's so gritty yet you see beautiful mountains on the horizon) + the flower crosses. And that cool hat? Also from Mexico.

3. And the big kahuna project (in my opinion)? This staircase wall gallery. The gallery actually is bigger than this shot but I couldn't fit it all in the frame. Technically, I suppose this is the stairwell not the living room, but it starts in the landing/entry of the house and many of the photos are visible from the living room. (Here's the how-to on how to create a staircase wall gallery if you're interested.)

We have one shorter wall remaining in the living room (across from the couch, where our media console + TV live), but on that wall we're probably going to do something like a mirror and/or wall mounted shelves. So, the hanging of pictures is done! And even if we don't get around to this last wall for a while, it matters not. Our home feels so much more like a home now!