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#reverb10: Lesson Learned

December 17: Lesson Learned. What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year? And how will you apply that lesson going forward? (Author: Tara Weaver) Well, letting go and following my instinct are big 2010 lessons about which I have already written, but another lesson would be embracing imperfection. This isn't always easy for me; obviously, in my work I strive for perfection, but there are so many other instances in life where perfection isn’t necessary, and even hinders awesomeness.

An example? When I’m doing projects or cooking or baking with Laurel. I want to inspire Laurel towards creativity and joy, not perfection. We made a mile high apple pie for Thanksgiving and normally, I’d want to do all of the decorative cut outs so everything would look perfect. Instead, I gave Laurel the rolled out dough and told her to go crazy with cut outs. Laurel paused and looked at me and said, "For real, Mom?" Then she got busy cutting out leaves and berries and letters and shapes and was so happy and proud of her work.

These are the moments when I feel as if I’m doing things right.