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Gratitude: Bar Graphs, Candied Pecans, & More

[This week’s reflections on gratitude, via my Declare & Celebrate Gratitude Project] This past week I was grateful for...

…the kindness and generosity of my friend Heidi, who offered to host a baby shower for me. I find that when you have zero expectations about something and someone offers something nice, it feels even more special.

…the fact that I’m inching closer to finishing my redesign of Posh Peacock.

…the ridiculously good candied pecans my friend Kate gifted to me from Flour bakery. I. need. more.

...pillows. I need three -- of varying squishiness -- to sleep comfortably at night.

…my DSLR. It rocks and makes everything look better.

…Laurel and my crazy crafting sessions.

…that people appreciate geeky bar graphs and statistics, especially when implemented amidst a seemingly trivial analysis of the tooth fairy. cards that allow me to enjoy blowing way more on lipstick than I normally would.

…Laurel’s love of pan seared tofu. mother, who brought a wonderful bi bim bap dinner to us this week.

...Jon. I adore this man more than I could ever begin to express.

...Craigslist. I sold $575 worth of furniture in the last two weeks! Yay for less stuff!

...Laurel's empathy. We ended up talking a lot about homelessness this week (because she had about 3 million questions). She's collecting some money to make a donation to a local shelter.

...being the mom who didn't totally freak out when Laurel spilled a huge glass of water all over me at a restaurant last night.

What were you grateful for this week?