Gratitude: The Mostly Alt Edition

This past week I was grateful for... …weekends where we have so little scheduled that Laurel can spend the whole time in her jammies.

…Jon -- the uber supportive spouse (despite the fact that he no longer wants to be my pro bono therapist...damn).

...the days when I can be totally cool and laid back when my mom asks me for (somewhat trying) clerical assistance.

...traveling with a dear friend. It makes everything more fun.

...Cobb salad so divine I want to (and did) eat it twice in three days.

...cell phones, Twitter, etc... all of the things that make it super easy to connect with friends on the fly.

...hearing Laurel's sweet little voice on the telephone.

...5 star hotels.

...prenatal massages where they have the special pillow so I can lie on my stomach. Ahhh.

...French macaroons. OMG, as it were.

...baths. I took two while at Alt Summit. I never take baths at home because it would involve scrubbing the tub first.

...meticulous housekeeping that makes running a bath totally not a big deal.

...old friends who I want to spend a lot of time with pretty much every day. I heart you Liz, Paige, Julie, Marie, Amy, Allison, Gabrielle, Laura, and Laurie. friends who I now want to spend a lot of time with pretty much every day. I heart you Chelsea, Lisa, Christine, Erin, Karey, Stephanie, Joslyn, Sarah Jane, and Jenny. lipstick.

...the fact that I can still spend four days in heels at almost 33 weeks.

...silly photo booths.

With my lovely party peeps Paige Lewin, Julie Marsh, and Liz Gumbinner

What were you grateful for this week?

Image credit: Angela & Ithyle Photography