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Leave A Message After the Beep

After I returned from Alt Summit, I watched with disdain as Outlook cranked away, downloading some 400 odd messages -- and that was after I deleted a ton of crap e-mails from the road. This is what happens when you run three businesses I guess. Though really, I shouldn't complain; I'm super grateful for everything I've got in the hopper right now. And one of the fun things about sifting through all of the e-mail has been rediscovering some personal e-mails I received while on the road. The below excerpted one pretty much split my heart in two -- it was from Jon a week ago today, when yet another snow day was called and he had to cancel all of his clients:

Laurel overheard me changing around my work voicemail today. It went something like this:

Dad's VM system: "Press 1 to record a new greeting. [Beep.] Press 1 to record your primary greeting. [Beep.] Press 2 to record your alternate greeting. [Beep.]"

Laurel: "Press 3 to make mom come home right now. [Beep.] Press 5 to make her get off the plane in 2 minutes. [Beep.]"

I am lucky to have so much love in my life. And to have a daughter who ensures that I have a giant smile on my face before I even walk in the front door: