Roll’s Happy Trail, 33 Weeks

Though I adore dressing up, after spending four days in (fabulous) heels at Alt Summit, it's admittedly been nice to spend a few days catching up on work in the comfort of my yoga pants, stretchy tees, and fuzzy slippers. I think Roll has been enjoying the freedom as well -- she’s been moving a ton, and in dramatic ways that conjure images from the Alien movies. (Thankfully, I haven't had an alien latch on to my face recently...unless you count the 6 year old who is reaaaalllly excited to have mom back at home.) Anyway. Because of all this movement and because I periodically overheat, I'm prone to letting Roll hang out for a little navel gazing (literally), with the exception that I can't actually see my belly button unless it's via the mirror. And as happened during Laurel's pregnancy, my belly button is now freakishly flat and I’ve developed linea nigra -- Roll's happy trail, as it were. Look at that giant gourd of a belly! And it's all shiny from shea butter belly balm. (I have no idea if the belly balm is actually doing anything for me or potential stretch marks but I just like treating myself to some belly rubbing in the morning.)

So, wow...only 7 weeks to go. We have not done a single thing in preparation yet, but I figure we'll kick into gear in a few weeks. And thanks to my wonderful community over at Boston Mamas, I now have a fabulous collection of girl names to consider!