Because It's Still Cool To Blog

Front Loading Roll, 34 Weeks

Man, this photo is kind of crappy (I was snapping quickly before getting ready for a midwife appointment and couldn't get the light or focus right), but it gets the point across: I’m officially ergonomically unsound. I can’t believe that: a) there are 6 weeks of growing to do; and b) humans grow babies in such disproportionate fashion. Though everyone keeps telling me how lucky I am to look the same everywhere except my belly, I kind of wish my butt was growing to balance off the belly. #ohmyachingback #wheresmywalker But otherwise, all is well! Other than the lower back pain and some leg cramps (which I’ve put to rest with daily bananas), I feel fantastic. I’m cranking away at full speed, I'm full of energy, and we're really excited to meet this little nugget. Now, the only thing I need to get around to is nesting. We have done nothing. But weirdly, I’m not that worried about it. As with all things in life, the important stuff will rise to the top and get done.