Because It's Still Cool To Blog

Gratitude: Wicked Smaht People, Tasty Things, Etc.

This past week I was grateful for... …Laurel’s buddy Julia (who Laurel has known since she was 9 months old), and Julia’s lovely mother Nicola. I love when play dates are fun for both the kids and grownups.

…leftovers. Man, this shepherd’s pie is awesome.

...the burgeoning of new ideas.

…wicked smaht people like my friend Roxanna.

…that Laurel’s favorite word is family: “because I love my family and they love me and it just gives me a happy feeling.”

…my Moji heating pad, which gets daily use to tend to my tired back.

comfortable maternity tights.

…pretty wrapping paper and pretty grosgrain ribbon.

…my ability to stand firm, ask for what I want, and get it.

…homemade granola. super smooth pregnancy.

…the giant fleet of gingerbread people Laurel cut and decorated on our bajillionth snow day.

…knowing talented and lovely women such as Morra Aarons-Mele.

What were you grateful for this week?